2 in 1 papaya day and night lightening cream

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  •  This whitening cream is enriched with whitening and moisturizing ingredients that penetrate quickly, remove melanin, improve matte, whitened skin, regulates 
  •  Brightening and anti-dark spots, it effectively reduces tyrosine activity, breaks down melanin persistently and prevents dark spots, chloasma, freckles and sun spots
  • can prevent dark spots, freckles caused by UV rays, Effectively improve dull skin and uneven skin tone, making skin whiter and softer
  •  dilutes melanin, brightens the complexion. Provides the cells with the necessary nutrients and moisture, improves their vitality, improves their resistance to UV rays, oxidation and free radical damage to make the skin white and even, smooth and luminous
  • Instructions for use: After cleansing the skin, apply an appropriate amount of cream evenly on the area to be covered, massage in. Use type A during the day and type B at night. Long-term use, the effect is better.